How to Use the Graphing Utilities

For a quick reference of all streaming data from selected sites in the last week, there is a basic graphing utility set up here.  To use, simply select all the sites you wish to view and click “Submit”.

There is also a more specific graphing utility here that allows data to be viewed from any one site, variable, and date range.

For more technically advanced users, a nice addition to this web-based graphing utility is its ability to view any graph from a URL query string. For example, using the URL:

will yield the graph below. The parameters set are the following:

  • site=<SiteNo> : Enter the site number you wish to view. You can determine your site number by viewing a graph using and examining the resulting URL (which will use vegaRetrieve.php, not vegaData.php).
  • variable=<VariableNo> : The same thing applies for the variable number. Use the above URL to make a graph with the desired variable and examine the URL.
  • date1=<yyyy-mm-dd>, date2=<yyyy-mm-dd> : The date range to be viewed.
  • level=<levelNo> : The Vega QA/QC level of the graph.  level=1 is for range-checked Vega data, and level=0 is for raw data.


This allows users to embed these URLs in their own websites, blogs, etc.