How to Retrieve Data

VADER is the flagship data retrieval application for GLEON. It allows users to retrieve and visualize full-resolution datasets over multiple date/time increments (multi-month, multi-year, etc.) in real-time.

Steps for using VADER

  1. Launch from here using any web browser.
  2. When the dialog appears, choose open (or save if you’d like to launch it from your desktop using that file).
  3. Once VADER is finished loading, choose the site and (optionally) variable you would like to view from the dropdowns.
  4. From the “Available Streams” menu, select as many streams as preferred, and press the right arrow.
    • Format is “Site:Variable(depth)(unit)Aggregation”
  5. Select all the desired streams from the “Selected Streams” menu by holding “Ctrl” and clicking. (To select multiple at a time, use “Shift”.)
  6. Select the Start and End dates for all streams to be viewed/retrieved.
  7. To visualize the data, click “Preview”.
  8. To download the data, select the desired Date format and Aggregation, and click “Save”.
    • Leave as RAW for all data